9 Yoga Poses that Keep you Warm in Winters

Feel warmer this winter with 9 simple yoga poses! These moves aren’t just about staying cozy; they’ll keep you feeling active and flexible even when it’s cold outside. Try these poses to beat the chill and feel refreshed throughout the winter season!

Yoga in Winter Season
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During winter, our bodies often feel lazy and tired. It’s like we want to stay in bed all day and not get up. This laziness can make us more likely to get sick. Plus, in winter, there’s lots of yummy food around, which can lead to gaining weight and higher cholesterol because we might not exercise as much. So, it’s super important to stay healthy in winter.

To stay healthy, people try different things like soups and herbal teas. But did you know you can also try different yoga moves? Yoga isn’t just for losing weight; it also helps blood flow better and keeps your body warm. It even boosts your immunity and makes you feel more active.

In winter, lots of people have sore bones and stiff muscles. Yoga can really help with these problems. It eases pain and makes muscles more flexible. So, doing some yoga can be a great way to stay fit and feel better during winter.

Yoga will help in keeping the body warm naturally. So let us know which yoga should be done in winter:

Low Crescent Lunge(Anjaneyasana): This asana is considered the most powerful among all the yoga poses. This provides strength to the spine, hips and muscles. It also reduces the pain of sciatica that occurs during winter season. Along with making the body energetic in the winter season, it also improves blood flow, which can also prevent the risk of heart disease.

Kapalbhati (Shining Forehead): Kapalbhati is a form of pranayam. This yoga work as superpower if you have cold. In this, one has to inhale and exhale rapidly, due to which heat is generated in the body. In winters seasons, chest is mostly affected due to cold. Chest infection can occur due to cold. To avoid this, one should do Kapalbhati daily. Doing Kapalbhati daily, will also help you cure from respiratory diseases.

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Fat Burning Yoga: Doing weight loss yoga in winter is also beneficial. If you want to lose weight during these days, then doing Trikonasana, Sarvangasana and Bhujangasana is beneficial. These yoga also help in keeping the body active.

Suryabhedi Pranayam: Suryabhedi Pranayam is very beneficial in winter. By doing this diseases also stay away. To do Suryabhedi Pranayam, first of all straighten your spine and sit in Sukhasana. Tilt the chin slightly downwards. Now close your right nostril with your thumb and breathe in through your left nostril. After this, close the left nostril with the ring finger and little finger and breathe through the right nostril. Repeat this process a few times.

Kumbhakasana (Plank Pose): This is an ideal asana which controls many types of anti body cells along with body weight. By doing this asana for a few minutes a day, metabolism increases. By doing this asana for a minute or more, warmth can be felt in the entire body.

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Shirshasana: In Shirshasana the body becomes completely upside down. It speeds up blood flow and makes the body warm. To do Shirshasana, lie down on a mat. Slowly raise your legs. Now try to stand upside down while turning your head. Take support of the wall and turn upside down. Keep the body in this position for about 5 minutes, keeping it straight. By doing this the body will feel warm.

Boat Pose (Naukasana): Naukasana is very beneficial for bones and muscles. To do Naukasana, lie down straight. Place hands on thighs. Raise shoulders and legs up to 45 degrees. Both of them come in the middle and the position of your body starts looking like a boat. Practicing this asana daily will bring warmth to your body.

Bellows Breath (Bhastrika Pranayama): Bhastrika Pranayama works to warm the body. It works to relieve problems related to breathing and throat. To do this, sit in Sukhasana. Close your eyes and breathe in and out through your nose deeply. During this, pay attention to your stomach, it should expand and contract during breathing.

Bridge Pose (Setubandhasana): The name of Setubandhasana is made up of two words. The first is Setu which means bridge and the second is Bandh which means to bind. Regular practice of Setubandhasana is considered very beneficial for strengthening the back and spine. By doing this asana, your back, neck, spine and chest get benefit. In this you stretch these body parts and with its practice the muscles become stronger. By practicing this daily, you can keep your body warm even in winter season. For do this, take a mat and lie down on your back. Breathe in and out normally. After this, now bend your legs from the knees and bring the heels near the hips. Lift your hips upward from the ground. Keep your hands on the ground. Stay in this position for some time and hold your breath. After this, slowly exhale and come back to normal posture. Practicing this asana daily will bring warmth to your body.

If you want to keep your body healthy and active in winter, then it is important to improve some habits:

  • Never sleep during the day in winter seasons.
  • One should sit in the sun every day, so that the stiffness of the body goes away.
  • Massaging your body with oil can also be helpful.
  • Do exercise and yoga daily.

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