Husband met with Dead Wife, A Ghostly Encounter on Tinder

Ghost stories have always been a captivating subject, with chilling tales of haunted places sending shivers down our spines. But what if the paranormal world collided with the digital age? In a story that has taken the internet by storm, a man claimed to have encountered the ghost of his late wife on a dating app. This bizarre yet fascinating story begins with Derek, a resident of London, UK, who recently shared his supernatural experience on the Ghost Hans Podcast, causing it to quickly go viral on TikTok.

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A Unbelievable Love Story

Derek went through something really amazing. He said it had been two whole years since his wife, Alison, passed away because of cancer. He was really sad, and it was hard for him to start a new chapter in his life. But then, something incredible happened when he met someone special on Tinder.

A Ghostly Presence on Tinder

Derek’s story got really strange when he found his late wife’s profile on the famous dating app, Tinder. In the pictures, Alison was happy, and it looked like she was looking right at him. There wasn’t any writing on the profile, but what surprised Derek the most were three pictures of his wife that he had never seen. It was a moment that he couldn’t understand, and it left him feeling really confused.

Overwhelmed by this unearthly presence, Derek did something unthinkable. Without a second thought, he swiped right, initiating a connection with his late wife’s profile. His heart raced as he held his breath, and for the next two days, sleep evaded him. This was a remarkable departure from his prior Tinder experiences, where he had never received a single match.

Feeling really surprised by this strange situation, Derek did something surprising. He quickly swiped to the right, which meant he wanted to connect with his late wife’s profile. He felt very nervous and couldn’t sleep for two days after that. This was very different from his earlier times on Tinder when he didn’t get any matches.

Doubts Dispelled

In the beginning, Derek thought maybe someone was playing a mean joke on him. He thought that someone created a fake account using his wife’s photos just to make fun of him. But he stopped doubting when he got a message on Tinder very early in the morning. The message said, “Hey!” Derek replied, and he was getting more and more curious and worried. He wanted to know where the pictures of his wife came from and why all of this strange stuff was happening. But for the next 24 hours, he didn’t get a response.

A Scary Message

Later, at 3:33 a.m., another message came in: “Are you home? I’m outside. Can you open the door for me?” Derek was really, really scared when he got this message.

Thinking something bad might happen, Derek heard the front door close, and he went to his bed to hide. Then, he got another message that said, “You’re on Tinder too soon, Derry.” The use of his nickname, which only Alison knew, made him feel really scared. No one else even knew that nickname.

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A Heartfelt Goodbye

As Derek felt someone in his room, he got the courage to say, “Alison, I’m sorry. I love you, and I miss you. It’s been two years, and I have to move on now.” These words were a sad way to say goodbye.

When Derek checked outside his room, there was no one there. And when he looked at the app again, Alison’s profile had disappeared for some reason. Even today, he doesn’t understand what happened.

The world has lots of stories about love and loss, but Derek’s story is really strange. We don’t know if it was something spooky, a mean trick, or just a weird mistake on the internet. But Derek and Alison’s story reminds us that love can be really powerful, even after someone passes away.

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